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Journal special issue on Connected migrants: published in Popular Communication

I am very happy and proud to announce the publication of the Popular Communication 
16(1) special issue on Connected migrants, edited by Koen Leurs & Sandra
Popular Communication

Popular Communication

Issue description:
This special issue features digital migration
research as first presented during the Connected Migrants Academy
Colloquium and Masterclasses that took place December 14–16, 2016, at
the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam,
the Netherlands. Taking a cue from Dana Diminescu’s seminal manifesto on
“the connected migrant,” this special issue introduces the notions of
encapsulation and cosmopolitanism to understand digital migration
studies. The pieces here present a nonbinary, integrated notion of an
increasingly digitally mediated cosmopolitanism that accommodates
differences within but also recognizes Europe’s colonial legacy and the
fraught postcolonial present. Of special interest is an essay by the
late Zygmunt Bauman, who argues that the messy boundaries of Europe
require a renewed vision of cosmopolitan Europe, based on dialogue and
aspirations, rather than on Eurocentrism and universal values. In the
introductory article, we focus on three overarching discussions
informing this special issue: (a) an appreciation of the so-called
“refugee crisis” and the articulation of conflicting Europeanisms, (b)
an understanding of the relationships between the concepts of
cosmopolitanization and encapsulation, and (c) a recognition of the
emergence of the interdisciplinary field of digital migration studies.
Table of contents:
cohabitation in the era of diasporization and Internet (open access)
cosmopolitanization (open access)
affordances and gendered practices
sexual connections among gay migrants
-Sanjay Sharma & Jasbinder Nijjar: The racialized surveillant assemblage:
Islam and the fear of terrorism
You can find the issue online here: