Young connected migrants

Video portraits

Meet Abdullah in this video-portrait

Abdullah is a 22-year-old “computer & smartphones expert & website developer” from Yemen who currently lives in Amsterdam. Abdullah spends 11-12 hours per day online using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. In the words of Abdullah ‘my battery is my best friend’ and he jokingly wrote down during our meet-up =he was ‘sleeping with my keyboard actually :)’.  Abdullah completed an internship as part of the young connected migrants project, providing technical assistance.

Credits: Abdullah, Koen Leurs (principal investigator),  Imre Museum, Imagine IC (producer), Kika Booy (director & editor), Karim Shalhoub (camera), Music: ‘Abu Ali’ by Ziad Rahbani, 2016-2017.

Funding: NWO VENI Young connected migrants (project number 275-45-007), Utrecht University Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) Knowledge valorisation grant, Utrecht University focus area Cultures, Citizenship & Human Rights (CCHR) seed funding.